This is a thank you to all the people that have assisted me in building this website. This includes the various people and companies that I have "borrowed" the information from to the website company itself. About 90% of the work here is from the sweat of my brow, so to speak and the rest is borrowed. All Ebooks are mine and are from things I have learned since 1968, mining I have done and gems I have sold over the years.

What is not my personal work is a lot of the lore of the gemstones and more technical information. I feel it is not totally necessary to learn all the chemical compositions of gemstones as long as i know what they are and can test for them if need be. I do not need to give you the long technical info on the composition of Taaffeite, Emerald and so on but I do need to know how to test it and that is what I can tell you. Besides that if the information is already there on the Net why should I have to retype all of it again?

I have asked permission from several companies and for the most part they never reply.Why, I do not know but they don't. So I take that as the fact that it is OK and use the information from their sites. To me if they are too arrogant to even tell me to piss off and not use their info then I am arrogant enough to use it and tell them too piss off as well.

Anyway I will list some of the sites where I have used the info and I hope they do not mind. I am sure a lot of people do this and I see it all the time especially in photos of diamonds and gemstones. If "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", then I am flattering the hell out of some of the firms out there.

Have a good day