Welcome To Our Gem House
Hello and welcome to our Gem House. Inside the following pages you will find Colored Gems and Diamonds for everyone. If you want the most expensive gems and diamonds you can find them here and if you want the more well known and less costly varieties there are here as well.

It is important to know that we do not stock any of the gemstones and diamonds you will find here. We work with several companies and some are world class dealers in colored gemstones and the rare fancy colored diamonds. So you order the gem/diamond and pay with the Paypal or Google buttons and sometime you inquire before you buy. Since we do not have an inventory we save money to you as well.

Many colored gemstones are much more valuable then diamonds but that is something you will not hear De-beers tell you. They are in the trade to sell diamonds so they have to beef up their story.

Never believe the story De-beers tell people about a "diamond being forever." Take a hammer and hit it and you see how long "forever" can be!

I will try to put some info on each page that relates to the gem or diamond I am talking about. We want you to know all you need to know to get the very best gem and know what the gem is all about and why it can cost more than diamonds in many cases.

I have very good contacts in other countries around the region such as Kenya, Nigeria, Mozambique and so on. Mining is fun and can be extremely profitable but on the other side of the coin it can lead to nothing. Mining is always a gamble for diamonds especially and colored gemstones in general.

Should you want to actually go and buy diamonds and gems we can arrange a trip to one of a few countries where they are. I lived in Sierra Leone for 14 years and just last year came home. I was a dealer of diamonds and gold and a miner as well for both items.

If you need some books on how to buy diamonds from a Jeweler or dealer then we have them as well and are written from the perspective of working with these gems and diamonds since 1972 and working with the Naturally Fancy Colored Diamonds as well. To me these are the only diamonds worth having as they are actually beautiful AND valuable unlike most of the white diamonds.

We are not a large company that can afford webmasters to do all the work and that is why our site is not up to professional standards that you see. It is not meant to be that and is simply a platform to show you what we can get for you. this cuts down on costs to you and that is the whole point of the site. So please excuse the mistakes and consider it is done in the interest of getting you the best gems and diamonds at the best price. 

If you want a very good Ruby or Sapphire, Emerald or Alexandrite then you are at the right place. We try to sell all qualities so that anyone can have a decent gemstone at an affordable price. Please notice that I say "decent" as there is far too much and phony gems on the world market.

We can sell you Rare, Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds such as a $20,000 1/4ct Pink diamond from Argyle Mine, in Australia, to a $10 per carat London Blue or Sky Blue Topaz. Any colored gemstone  you would want we will have or will get for you if you inquire.
We also arrange for very large polished diamonds to 100ct+ and in D/FL and D/IF.
We also have rough to 200cts and up so dont be afraid top ask for what you want.
I am making this a unique site as there are areas that you can buy outright and other areas where you can bid or make an offer on the gems. I am trying to find a happy medium that will work for everyone. So look it over and see which ones you like and let me know how you think the site can be improved.
We are here to help you own a beautiful gem or diamond and we do not believe that just the people with money should be able to afford them.
Gregg and Yema Lyell
October 2013 






















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