These are some videos that show what people think are Blood Diamonds but I do not agree woth them 100%. I will add verious videos to show how the world looks at the country and the mining and you decide what is what. I was in Sierra Leone for most of the 1997 coup and I know what was going on and I know how the people are treated in the mining areas. Sometime they are treated well and sometime not so well but if you ever have mined there you will see the many different ways the miners have of making a little money on the side ie: stealing from you, to the problems they can cause you if they all of a sudden decide you are not paying enough. This mainly happens when some one from USAID or toerh agencies that have no clue to what is going on and how the mining goes. Anyway here are some videos and you can make an informed decision. Not all foreigners are mean and nasty and want to take everything and when someone comes along that wants to help the locals will take advantage of every single thing. Have you heard of the saying here in the US of "Give them an inch and they will take a mile"? That is an ideal assesment of what you have to put up when mining here.


 This is a graphic video but again I do not agree that only the diamonds were funding the war.

Kanye West Version of the Blood Diamond saga