These videos were made in 2008 in Zamfara State, Nigeria and at one location. The thing to notice is twofold here; The first thing is the ease of getting to the area (you can drive right to the riverbed on a main highway) and the other is how much gold was collected in a 30 minute time span.

I know it does not look like much but when you consider the primitive methods used it is very a very good return. Imagine haveing just the basic tools of modern society to use  and then how much would they have gotten? I have seen the women in Sierra Leone panning all day and get nowhere near the amount this one man did. It is a great opportunity to make some very good money and the investment would not be that great.

This was one area and there are others with much more gold and they can be reached just as easily. It is amazing that no one is mining there but it is a secret of sorts to the unknowing. If you want to get in on the mining then contact us.