Some Comments on The E-books on Rough Diamond Buying in Sierra Leone, West Africa


I am adding some comments on my Ebooks and what i do in sierra leone. I today received an email that was interesting so I am putting it here as I deserves its own page. You will see other comments on page 40 about the books as well. Take care and enjoy the letter.


From: Mark Klein
To: ""  
Sent: Sunday, 8 June 2014, 6:42
Subject: Question


I came across a video of your on YT and then followed it to your website.

You seem to have a number of 'books' about how to buy and sell gemstones and make good money doing it.

The obviously question is why don't you dont it, rather than flog books, which I'm sure shouldn't be as profitable ?

It appears that you've 'been there, done that' but it doesn't appear you've done it well enough to sit back and enjoy the proceeds.

Something doesn't smell too good there and I'm sure if you were me you'd feel the same.

Your comments would be interesting.



Gregg Lyell   Today at 10:35 AM

June 9, 2014

 To Mark Klein,

Hi there

I appreciate the comments and as far as smell goes all is well here. Yea "flog" the diamond buying books as i get asked about rough diamonds and people are totally ignorant of the diamond trade. If you were in the trade you would understand what i am saying. What do you know about the rough diamond trade in Sierra Leone or elsewhere? 

I have people coming to me all the time asking if they can buy rough diamonds with so much money that they may have and i tell yes you can and no you can’t but much for $20,000. There are ways to do it with small money but that is not the way i tell people to do it.

My books are there to keep people out of the Pademba Road Prison there and maybe make money. I have known some that would not listen and they go and end up with glass or losing their money and ending up in prison and maybe being deported. These people have lost to $600,000 because they greedy, stupid and do not know diamonds or the country or how to buy and hence the books.


But for some reason you think my books stink. And for that matter how do you know how well I am doing in any area of my life? I don’t recall you on my list of people i talk with so maybe you are psychic or something. 

I really do not have to explain myself to any fuckoff on the face of the earth that asks but I will tell you why i don’t have millions as you seem to think i should. All in all your letter is about something you do not understand or have done. I don’t know why you would take my little short movie and make such assumptions but it seems you did.

I went to Sierra Leone in 1995 the first time to buy some rough diamonds for a client. I stayed 6 weeks, enjoyed the beach and came back home. In early 1966 i went back and stay until 2008. In between around December 1997 i took off for Russia with a diamond cutter, went to Siberia with him and then came back in the first of 1998. From then to now I came back to the States twice. Once to bring diamonds back-2006- and once on vacation from the mining job i was working on-2007- and then came back to here in 2008 as i said.

I ran one mining op for two years and had 159 men working for me. I worked for various people there and was paid a salary of $5000 a month to $6000 a  month. I do not think think that puts in the Forbes 500 list do you? I was a working man or supervisor and that is it.

You are assuming - and you know what Assume spells right?-i was a very large wheeler dealer in the diamond trade and that is not the facts. no where do i say i was. I was and am a diamond buyer just like the other 150 or so in Sierra Leone i know and work with. Nothing more and nothing less. 

These days i take investors back to Sierra Leone to buy when they want to go and have the common sense to use my 15 year so of contacts and knowledge of the country and the diamonds.

The books are a way to promote what i do and to keep people out of trouble there and to make money. It is simple and to the point. 

So if that stinks what can i tell you? To you what i do smells like shit i guess but to me the smell is roses. I do not recall you buying any of my books so perhaps you know more than i do in that area. if that is the case that is good. I don’t know it all and do not claim to know it all. I am here to assist people and to keep them out of trouble if they listen. 

I am no genius or world renowned diamond buyer but i know what it takes to make money in the rough diamond trade and that is more than 99.999% of the people that come to me about rough.

So if that still stinks, then I suggest you get some Febreeze to clear the air on it. 

I will even offer you a discount on some of the books and i don’t do that often. Maybe that smells better to you as obviously you cannot afford the $300 for the main selling book i have.

Have to go and wipe my ass to be sure it is not me stinking.

c ya and thanks for the letter. At least someone sees it and watches it.


Ps. if you want to reply or order a book use the following email

I will add this letter in its entirety to my small website as well so people can see all sides of an agreement or argument on what i do and the books.

Gregg Lyell

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