Calibrated Charts for The Main Styles Of Cutting

You may ask why it is important to have Calibrated gemstones and this is why. All the calibrated gemstones have ready made mountings that they can be put into immediately. With the "Native Cutting " or "free form style" you will have to adjust a Calibrated mounting or make a new one and that can be very expensive depending on the size of the gemstone.

We sell the calibrated gemstones in the main stream gems but in the more valuable and rare gemstones we take what is there. That is the nature of the business. The rare and more costly gems are cut to get the best color and that is what is important in the colored gemstones, COLOR first and everything else is secondary. As long as the gem does not look like it was faceted with an axe then the workmanship is secondary as are the clarity of the gem.

An example of this clarity situtation would be a Rare Natural Fancy Colored diamond. These diamonds are so rare that the very obvious inclusions in the Red, Blue and other colors do not detract from the value unless they are so bad you cannot see the color. In a White diamond the same amount of inclusions would kill the price.



There are many other shapes and most are variations from the above standard ones. The sizes stop at the common sizes and anything above the sizes listed will most likely take custom made mountings. that is why the Calibrated gemstones are a good choice and have ready made mountings for them. When it comes to the more rare and costly gemstones they will all be "freeform" for the most part and will have to have mountings made for them.