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Wecome to our Gem House and we hope you will find something here you like. Our mission is to give you the very best in colored gemstones and Rare  Naturally Fancy Colored Diamonds. We will have something for everyone from the outrageously priced  Rare Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds to the more common White diamond if you like.

We specialize in the mainstream colored gemstones such as Blue Topaz, Amythest, Garnets of all colors including the rare Tsavorite Garnet and Demantoid Garnet, both Green garnets. One is from Russia and the other from Kenya.

In the Rare Naturally Colored Diamonds page you will find the main colors of Yellow, in three color shades, Pink in the three shades, some Purple Red and even a small Red from the Argyle Mine now and then. Not often but they are out there for those of you with deep pockets. These are true investments and you will see in the section on then that they have never gone below a wholesale price in 40 years.

We strive to give everyone the chance to own a beautiful gem or diamond and not have to sell the house, car and the kids to have it. :) Gemstones are a piece of Nature that everyone should be able to enjoy and not just the ones with the money.

So sit back and look at the information presented and we hope you find something you like. If you want some information then please ask as we do not mind helping you understand what the gem business and gems are about.

Some of our pages will have an auction type of setting. I am trying to find the best way to offer the gems so bear with us on this. We are constantly adding more info some of which is relevant to diamonds and gemstones and some is just off the wall and funny or sad. So enjoy what is here and if you have any questions please donot hesitate to call or email us. Check the Contact page for the email and phone numbers.

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Most of the pages give information on the various gems and then when you want one you contact us and we will find the gem to fit your mood and budget. Some of the gems on this site are very rare and costly and some are not so bad. I dont want to deal with all extremely high priced gems but some of each so everyone can find what they want and not feel violated when they order.:)

One more note here. if you see a page that is password protected it means we are still working on adding gemstones to it and it will be opened later. If there is something you want then ask at



Have a good day and we wait to hear from you soon and may your New Year be a good one,

Gregg and Yema Lyell

January 4th, 2011