Colombian Emeralds


                            The emeralds above are in the order listed below.           

Coscuez  Emerald

The Emerald crystals of Coscuez tend to exhibit a very wide range of colors but unfortunately also tend to be more included than those from Muzo.

 Muzo Emerald

The famed Muzo mines lay 100 miles north of Bogota. Emerald crystals from Muzo tend to have more saturated color than either Coscuez or Chivor. They are considered some of the finest Emerald mines in the world.

 Trapiche Emerald

Trapiche Emeralds are an extremely unusual, rare, prized form of Emerald only found in the Muzo mining district of Colombia. Star-shaped rays that emanate from its center in a hexagonal pattern characterize these Emeralds. These rays appear much like asterism, but unlike asterism, they are not caused by light reflection from tiny parallel inclusions, but by black carbon impurities that happen to form in the same pattern.


Chivor Colombian Emerald

Chivor Emeralds are best known for their bluish cast and generally have fewer inclusions and a lighter color than either Coscuez or Muzo Emeralds. The Chivor mining area is the smallest of the three and is separate from Muzo and Coscuez, which lay adjacent to each other.


Known for their vivid green color, Colombian Emeralds are usually of exceptional quality. Colombia is by tradition and lore, the finest modern source for Emeralds.

With each comprised of many individual mines, the three historically significant areas of Emerald mining in Colombia are Muzo, Coscuez and Chivor.



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